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Poster for Logo Design Competition


Copywriting and Page Layout

This advertisement for a logo design competition was made to appeal to students at the Mount Barker Waldorf School so that they could put their stamp on the new learning management system as it was rolled out.  The image was made in Canva using the school's new website colour palette.

Flyer for Guardian Gecko Security


Copywriting and Page Layout

This flyer was designed for Phillip from Guardian Gecko to give out to prospective clients after a conversation about their security system needs.  It summarises the highlights of his offer so they can refer back to it as they consider their purchase.

Most people install, then forget about their security system. Is yours still working properly?

Are all your motion sensors working?  |  Do ex-staff still have access?  |  How many days will your security camera keep the footage before recording over it?  |  How fast will your security patrol get to you?

Nobody is interested in the answers to these questions until something goes wrong.

Call Phillip to test your system.  He will talk you through what you need to get it working perfectly so you can put it out of your mind again -- but this time, you'll know that someone highly experienced, professional, and right nearby is taking care of it.

Article on Tim Jarvis for the Yankalilla Regional News


Research, Interviewing, Writing, and Photographs

This article appeared in the January/February 2024 edition of the Yankalilla Regional News (p.18).  Tim Jarvis was at that stage on the shortlist for the South Australian of the Year.

At this time of year, the hills between Carrickalinga and Myponga Beach are a barren landscape of pale grass, sloping down to the blue waters of St Vincent’s Gulf. Where stock congregates around gates and water troughs, the dry grass has blown away, leaving bare patches. Scattered trees are still bristling with seedpods, each one holding over a hundred viable seeds. However, when the seeds drop, they will fall onto that bleached grass and be blown into the sea without the hospitable micro-climate needed to raise healthy seedlings. If this land was capable of repairing itself, it would have done so.  More

Video Script Writing & SEO Content


Copywriting for SEO and Video Script Writing

Richard Marshall from Cube Speed at Strathalbyn was looking for an introduction video and some blogs for the American launch of his website.  I wrote the script for a 60 second video intended for YouTube, knitting together some existing clips.  It was then passed on to be voiced by an influencer and edited by a videographer.

I also wrote a series of blogs from a list of SEO keywords.

Content Marketing - Mount Barker Business Group


Copywriting and Blog Writing - Image using GPT

In 2023 I became Secretary for the Mount Barker Business Group and got involved with the re-launch of the group's website in 2024.  Julie Dunlap from Marketing Works created the site;  I wrote the copy for the pages and contributed a blog to the 'Latest News' section.

Local Event Coverage


Interviews, article writing, and photography

This article was written after attending the Yankalilla Show and interviewing some of it's key organisers.  It appeared in the November Edition of 2023 (p.30) with five of my photographs (the first two and last three to appear).  The editor asked for a 'Betoota Advocate' style without the sharp edges.

Now, let’s talk about the folks behind the scenes. The unsung heroes who set up early on show day, lay the groundwork in the week before, and turn into superheroes as the big day approaches. I spoke to current show Vice-President Robyn Burnett, who let me in on a little known fact: the show grounds are not public land. The grounds were purchased by the “Yankalilla, Rapid Bay & Myponga Agricultural & Horticultural Society Inc” in 1887. So, apart from having to support a really long name, original members had to pony up 120 pounds for the first four acre plot and have the Ladies Committee raise funds for the stone hall. Successive committee members and committed citizens have been mowing the grass and fixing the fences in regular weekend working bees ever since. Impressive, right? It took a world war and a pandemic to stop them and they picked right back up again afterwards.

Blog Posts for CMA Electrical


Copywriting from keywords for SEO

CMA Electrical and Data are a family owned company with their roots in the Adelaide Hills.  Working with local SEO expert Jack Smart from Smarter Web Solutions, I provided copy for CMA's Blog page to explain for their customers:

Have a look at the blogs on CMA's site here.

Flyer for the Liberal Democrats


Copywriting and Page Design

This flyer was created for the Liberal Democrats' South Australian election campaign and handed out at several rallies in Adelaide between lockdowns (and before their re-brand and name change).  It was distilled from relevant policies on their website

Playscript for Homeschoolers


Script Writing

This text was written for a group of homeschooling children to perform at the end of their term's work on King Arthur.  The kids were Middle School aged, there were five of them in the play, and the performance took place in the living room of one of their parents' houses. 


Act Three

Scene 1

Castle corridor, Camelot. Night.

LANCELOT, a medieval knight in armour, with a silk scarf tucked into his costume, kneels before a closed door placed centre stage.  Guinevere is on the other side arranging flowers in her room.  Lancelot knocks.


Who comes?


Lady, it is I.

Guinevere faces the door – her tone is teasing.


Lancelot?!  I don’t think I should let you in … all I hear from my ladies is of your service to them:  Lancelot rescued sixty maidens from giants, Lancelot was imprisoned by four Queens, Lancelot was seen wearing another lady’s favour in the lists!


You do me wrong lady – I meant for people to see me pay attention to many ladies and miss that I only have eyes for you.  Did … did you like all those defeated knights I sent you?


They were very nice.  They really brighten up the dungeon.

Lancelot leans into the door, suddenly serious.


I thought it was the end for us when you sent me away.

Guinevere opens the door, serious also.


Thank you for rescuing me at the trial, no one else would speak for me after Sir Erec was poisoned at the feast.  None but yourself could have defeated the King’s knights but I  know what it must cost you to fight your friends.

Guinevere’s eye falls on the scarf.

And thank you for wearing this.

GUINEVERE smiles and leads him by the hand through the door.

Curtain closes.